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Alone in Prague

Mar 30, 2007 18:09 | Tony

Hi, I am looking into going to Prague for a summer vacay and I’ll be traveling alone. I am a Black guy, are the people and culture friendly, does race matter or will I meet great people from all over and have a blast?

Apr 02, 2007 16:59 | Helena

Hi, there are many places in Prague, where you can meet people of various nationalities and from all over the world. The centre of Prague is a pretty cosmopolitan place, the race doesn´t matter there.

Try bars such as Chateau L´Enfer Rouge (Jakubska Street 2, very close to the Old Town Square) or Marquis de Sade (Templova Street 8) – you will probably meet other tourists and expats there. Have a nice time in Prague.

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