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Which streets are particularly not-so-safe?

Apr 07, 2007 21:12 | Rita

I am a Taiwanese student going to Prague this summer to attend a short course. Which districts do you suggest for accommodation, and may I ask which streets are particularly not so safe for a female student ? As a foreigner, I do not know the local details. I would be obliged if somebody would let me know more which streets are to avoid esp. at night.

Many thanks in advance.

Apr 13, 2007 14:07 | Helena


I recommend to stay in the historical centre of Prague, that is usually safe even in the evenings (except for pickpockets). There are many tourists in any time of a day. Avoid the districts such as Liben, Vysocany, Karlin and generally the outskirts and places far from the centre of the city. Rather bad reputation as for safety have places such as Karlovo namesti (the Charles Square) at night or the surroundings of the Hlavni nadrazi (the Main Railway Station). I also donĀ“t recommend walking alone around the Wenceslas Square at night. But except for these places, Prague is regarded as a safe city, compared to other cities in Europe. You can find a suitable accommodation here. Enjoy your stay.

Jun 29, 2007 00:42 | Eva

I agree that Karlovo namesti (the Charles Square)- just the PARK and Hlavni nadrazi (the Main Railway Station) might be a little wild very late at night, but Prague is as safe as your village, trust me.
I am a girl and I walk at night all the time with zero problems…
Just be smart, avoid the very dark, badly lit streets and you will be fine.
The historic center is so lard with police cameras (and all criminals know it) that it is as safe as it could possibly be.

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