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French restaurant Palffy Palac

Dec 02, 2004 13:42 | Phil

I just wanted to let you know that my friends and I had a great time in Prague and I would highly recommend the Hotel Tenax. The staff at reception were extremely friendly & helpful and there was always someone there to say hello to. It was also great to know that if I wanted another can or two of Pilsner at 4am, I didn’t have to go out into the streets.

I can recommend one restaurant to your clients – Palffy Palac which is a french restaurant at Valdstejnska 14 in Praha 1. The restaurant gets a mention in the latest edition of Lonely Planet and it is definitely worth a visit. The menu is varied and extensive, the cellar has some great labels and the wait staff knew exactly what they were talking about with the food and wine. For 3 of us, having 4 courses and a bottle of wine, we paid 3,600 KR. We were very satisfied and I will go back on my next trip to Prague.

The only places I wouldn’t recommend are the places located around the old town square. They are staffed by gruff and angry waiters, who often refuse to speak English, put additional purchases on your bill and serve you when they are ready regardless if you are or not. We stayed away from these restaurants.

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