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Apartment for 3 for End of August

Jun 20, 2007 18:18 | Lena


I will be traveling to Prague with my parents at the end of August. We will stay for four nights. Can anyone recommend a few good apartments to stay in? We are 3 adults, prefer to stay close to the center (but taking the tram for 5-10mins is okay), and would like to stay on a low-medium budget in terms of price. Either one or two rooms is fine as long as there are enough beds (one double and one single) and a private bathroom, a kitchen is also preferred but not required. I have looked at a couple of places already, but I would prefer to hear a few recommendations/suggestions from people who have stayed there before or know the area or owners of these apartments to be sure we are getting a decent place. Thank you.


Jul 10, 2007 15:09 | Tereza


I can recommend for example Hotel U Dvou Zlatych klicu – it is situated in the centre of Prague (near the National Street, in walking distance from the Wenceslas Square), but it is not too expensive, like some other hotels in the city centre. The rooms have own bathrooms there.
You can also check the list of hotels here.

Have a nice time in Prague.

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