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going out for 50+ and single

Aug 25, 2007 10:11 | bob

i,am man 50 years and planning to come
to prague

for the young people there is enough to do
i discovered the past year

but for older where do they meet and dance
and or meet other singles

Aug 28, 2007 16:12 | Jan


it depends on the type of music, that you like. If you are into pop music, try Solidni nejistota club in Pstrossova Street 21, Prague 1 – there are often people of all ages there. You can also try the bar Chateau LĀ“enfer Rouge in Jakubska Street 2 (although this bar is often very crowded) or some of the Irish Pubs, for example in Stepanska Street 620 / 32 or in Mostecka Street 273 / 21.

Sep 29, 2007 13:54 | bob

thnx but that,s not what i ment
and in prague 1 where much toerists are

i,am looking for a meetingplace or disco for single people off age 40 till 58 or even older outside prague 1

the devorce rate in the czech rep is rather high
so like in my country there must be places (dancehall???)
for single or devorced people of older age to meet and or dance

i know them in belgium and the netherlands
but in prague there must be some place,s where older devorced or widowed man and woman can meet and dance or have a good time together

but where ???????????????

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