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hotel recommendations

Aug 28, 2007 08:23 | Grace

Hi, we are planning to have our first trip in Prague in November and have our honeymoon there. Do you have any recommendations for the hotels which are near the center of the city. So that we could walk to the famious spots easily. I search in prague-spot website for the riverside hotel, but could not find it. Could you help me find it in this website? Thank you in advance for your kind help.

Aug 28, 2007 15:42 | Lenka

to stay in the very center of the city, try hotels in the Old Town, Lesser Town or New Town. These are districts, where you can see a lot of sights during one walk. The best way is to follow the Royal Route, from the Old Town over the Charles Bridge and up to the Prague Castle.
As for the location, I can recommend for example Hotel Residence Apostolic, which is situated right at the Old Town Square, or Hotel U Tri Capu in the Lesser Town – from there, it is a short walk to the two major attractions of Prague – the Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge.

Aug 29, 2007 09:30 | Grace

Thank you Lenka. Your advice is really helpful. The hotels you recommended are very nice. However, they are a little beyond our budget. I searched in the prague-spot and found some hotels with lower price located in the center of the city. Could you tell us which you think are better for us or anything else you think is better? Thank you in advance for your help: )

Hotel Dum U Cerveneho Lva
Hotel Biskupsky Dum
Hotel City Centre
Hotel City Inn
Hotel Prague Centre
Hotel Novomestsky

Aug 30, 2007 09:53 | Lenka


I think the best are the hotels in the Lesser Town (Dum u Cerveneho Lva, Biskupsky dum), because it is close to most of the Prague´s sights and it is a very nice area.

The other hotels are in the New Town, which is a bit farther from some historical places. Hotel City Center is at the Republic Square, which is under construction at the moment, so may be it´s not the best place. Hotel City Inn is situated next to a railway station and Hotel Prague Centre is located near a busy road…

I can recommend Hotel Dum U Krale Jiriho , it is in the Old Town and it is not too expensive :-).

Aug 31, 2007 13:41 | Grace

Hi Lenka,

Thank you very much for your quick reply. We really appreciate your great help.

After comparation of the hotels you recommended, we are interested in the Biskupsky dum hotel and Hotel Dum U Krale Jiriho. Both of them are in good locations. We plan to stay in Prague for around one week in Nov. Do this two hotels have some special offer for the long term booking (say, stay for 4 nights and pay for 3 nights) or do they have any packages for the new couple who would like to spend honeymoon there? We found some hotels have this offer, but not sure if these two hotels have.

We notice that ” No payments or deposits in advance are necessary for individual travellers. ” is in the home page of Prague-spot. Does that mean we do not need to pay the fee with our credit card in advance and could make the payment when we check out from the hotel?

Also as for the addtional services (i.e. airport transfers, translators or sightseeing tours), how we could book them?

Sorry for bothering you with too many questions and thank you again: )



Sep 05, 2007 17:17 | Lenka

Hi Grace,

to arrange the additional services, such as translations, sightseeing tours or airport transfers, you can use the booking forms at the bottom of the hotel details. You can also fill any other special requirements or ask about the special discounts (longer stay, etc.) there. You can also contact prague-spot, in case of any other questions and they will find the best option for you.

I hope you will enjoy your stay in Prague:).


Sep 10, 2007 14:09 | Grace

Thank you for your great help!!!

Have a nice day!


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