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Prague pubs

Dec 02, 2004 13:50 | Szabo Laszlo

The journey started in Budapest and it took us about six hours by car. We arrived to Prague in the middle of the afternoon and we could easily find our way to the Hostel. The service was good, the receptionists were friendly and flexible, and they gave us some choice on the way we would like to pay and also on the time to leave the room on the last morning. In my opinion the rooms and bathroom were not clean enough for the price we paid, but this was the only negative point. We then started our tour around the most famous pubs in town; a Hungarian book was our guide. The pubs we visited:

Krcma u Petarka Na Rybnicku A pub for young people, on Saturday night there is a DJ, but it isn?t a disco. Cheap pub. The waiters are very young. Rate: *

Pivovarsky Dum Lipova 15. A nice place to have a lunch or dinner, but if you want just a beer, you have to stay at the counter. They have many kinds of house-beers as cherry, banana, coffee or chilli. The classic house-beer is excellent, everything on middle prices, although the place looks quite fancy. Rate: ****

U Cizku Karlovo namesti 34. One of the places where we ate, the food is very good. The service is fast, not expensive. There is a big cellar, where we can enjoy live music. A calm restaurant frequently visited by huge excursions of tourists The ?cizkuv gulas? is one of the best foods I ate in Prague! Rate: ***

Novomestky Pivovar Vodickova 20. We wanted to drink just a beer, but it was full. Rate: -

Pub near Branicky sklipek Vodickova ??? A typical ?Just a PUB? without food, nothing special. Rate: *

Branicky sklipek Vodickova 26. Nice place, but we didn?t have place in the restaurant part, just in the bar. Rate: **

U zlate konvice Melantrichova 20. A very expensive place, the service is very slow, but we just drank one beer. Bad smell!!! The waiter stays outside and tries to catch people to visit his Pub. There is a cellar too, I have been there previously and they serve delicious cocktails, this time we were not invited to that cellar, maybe it was closed. Rate: *

After this we watched the big, famous clock at 21:00.

U zlate trumpety Tynska ulicka 2. A jazz pub with live music, middle-prices, the waiters were a little bit drunk ?! But we liked it. The atmosphere was very international. We didn?t try the food, but some of the dishes looked really good. Rate: ***

Pivrncova hospoda Maiselova 3. It is written on the door that it?s open from 11. We were there at 1145, but there was a flower in front of the door that meant it was closed, so we couldn?t try this. Rate: -

We tried to visit the Jewish museum, but it was Saturday so it was closed.

U Rudolfina Krizovnicka 10. Typical smokey /on the ground-floor,/ restaurant, but there is a cellar, too, with good food, the serve is fast. Rate: ***

Na Kampe 15. /Pub II./ Na Kampe 15. A nice restaurant! We could eat a very good beer-cheese with very tasty toasts. The waiter was extremely nice. The all place is cleaner and more pleasant than most of the pubs we have visited. Rate: ****

We visited the John Lennon wall and met a group of his fans playing and singing in a circle, interesting atmosphere.

U Svateho Tomase Letenska 12. A nice, big restaurant in the cellar. There was black house-beer ?Ferdinand?. Expensive place, and the big beer is only 4 dl! Rate: **

After this there was a RUSH concert in the T-mobile arena. Some of us went there, the others visited the Fun fair that is very empty at this time of the year.

Sunday morning we travelled back home.

The whole tour around Prague made us meet many of the nice cows included in the cow parade! They make the city happier.

We like the city.

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