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Prague for New Years

Sep 26, 2007 15:34 | Shane


My name is Shane and I am from the U.S. My two friends, one from Germany and one from U.K., and I are traveling to Prague from December 28th to January 3 to partake in the New Years celebrations. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any great clubs, how to book tables, where to meet ladies and how to party like a rockstar in Prague. If anyone has any information I would greatly appreciat it. Thank you!

Oct 01, 2007 12:44 | Proton

Hi there,
To stay in Prague for a new years eve… hmm prepare for huge crowds. As usual, great parties are in Roxy, you should be able to book the tickets online somewhere.. Other favorite club for occasions is Radost FX, but even when in the centre, it is a little far from the centre centre. But don’t go to karlovy lazne, it will be totally full.

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