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Searching for....

Nov 07, 2007 00:07 | Mike

Hey all.. its great to see a forum wich gives so much information about our next weekend break..

Me and my girl are going to Prague in the first week of December..
Now its my job to find a comfortable hotel in the center of the city.. it has to be in a safe neighbourhood close to some nice disco’s..
I’ve been searching and searching and everywhere 2 hotels seem to pop up as potential good ones..

I found these 2 hotels :
Hotel Kampa garden.

Hotel Bila Labut.

These are both within our budget for a hotel.. but (as u can guess) i am trying to find out if they are in a good location close to the nightlife and in a safe neighbourhood to walk at night. i guess its more importand that its safe at night.. i rather walk 10 more minutes instead of having a bad experience on the streets.


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