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any help

Apr 02, 2008 00:31 | nathan

me and 3 of my friends are coming to prague on 29th april can anyone give any advice or help as to what to expect. Anyone out there wanna meet up when we get there we like to have a crazy time.

Apr 09, 2008 13:35 | Spot

I would like to help you, but you have to be more specific to get some people…

Apr 23, 2008 20:01 | nathan

basically which clubs are good and where is good to stay also which clubs are good for women?

Apr 24, 2008 15:00 | Milica

Me and my friends are also coming to Prague 29th April, maybe we can all go together in the evening :)

Apr 24, 2008 16:04 | nathan

yeah that sounds good, where u guys from? How many of you is there?

Apr 25, 2008 19:10 | nathan

if u wanna meet up just let me know and i can give u my telephone number we can then meet up out there

Apr 28, 2008 21:42 | Milica

i am coming to Prague, with my friend, and her brother…if you want sent me your number at savemyname@gmail.com

May 03, 2008 17:14 | nathan

hey did you have a good time in prague. I just got back yesterday and i am so tired haha

May 05, 2008 13:38 | Milica

we also got back yestrday…we have a good time, and today office…:( we visited some pubs, and one disco near Karlo bridge

May 05, 2008 19:51 | nathan

haha yeah i have work tomo and i dont want to go!! Yeah we went in lots of bars and one club but cant remember what it was called. Where abouts are you from?

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