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Where to go for the ladies?

Apr 18, 2005 17:45 | Cozmo


I’m coming from Canada and seeking where to find all the cute Czech women! I am thinking about a vacation there in the very near future. Let me know!


Apr 19, 2005 11:45 | Patrick

Hi Cosmo,

as a fellow Canuck who has been living in Prague for 7-plus years, I can tell you that simply walking through the city centre is feast enough for the eyes of a hetero male… :’)

As far as nightlife goes, there are tons of places you can check out. You can start with the bars and clubs listed at Prague Spot’s “Bars & Clubs” page (http://www.prague-spot.com/bars-clubs), as well as the “Cafes & Tearooms” page (http://www.prague-spot.com/cafes-tearooms).

Additionally, Nebe (aka Zelezne Dvere, or Iron Door, Kremencova 10, Prague 1) is definitely worth your while from Thursday through Sunday, as well as the beer gardens in Letna and Riegrovy Sady.

Hope this helps. Enjoy your stay!



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