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Prague nightlife midweek

Jul 22, 2008 22:03 | Woodsy

me and a mate is heading over in october, and we are staying from the sunday-wedensday. just wondering will there be much nightlife at this time of year, and this time of week. any good clubs to recomend. and how much does entrance and drinks costs?


Jul 23, 2008 16:24 | Hune

Depends. You didn’t state your age, likings, and expectations! The teenagers would be satisfied with Karlovy Lazne massive disco where you pay 5€ entrance, 1€/beer and 3€/drink, some would go to Mecca for some world house star for 30€/entr, 2€ beer and 8€/drink.

Jul 28, 2008 17:38 | Woodsy

Hi hune,

We are 21 and 24, like all kinds of music, electro,dance, chart, rock. just any good clubs with atmosphere and a good crowd. that Karlovy Lazne sounds very good and cheap, is it open midweek?


Aug 02, 2008 20:43 | gala


Aug 05, 2008 13:43 | Hune

Yes, they are opened every day, from evening to 5am. You listed quite a wide music varieties, for that case there is Roxy club (www.roxy.cz) check the programme first! They have everything, so you just pick the day that suits you the best.

Aug 14, 2008 23:19 | Donna

When in October are you going over?

Sep 10, 2008 11:42 | woodsy

thanks for the replies peeps, ill be going 5th oct and leaving on the 8th for opocno

Sep 26, 2008 14:34 | Terry

Me and a mate are going on the 8th for a week. Cant wait!

Oct 05, 2008 16:20 | Terry

Ok a quick question after this outbreak of hepatitis A in Prague do me and my friend need a shot or has it just been blow out of proportion by the press.

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