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Aug 17, 2008 16:50 | Marat

I am russian man coming in Prague ifor sept for 2 weks. I am alone and strong 45 year man. How can I find girlfriend in Prague to take care of me. Where I go for young girls of 18-35 years. I have some money. I can show her some good time in disco maybe. If any girls in Prague want some handsome russian man in prime, you can come meet me. You will be my girlfriend while I visit Prague.
I love the english speaking women. If any american, british, australia womens wants to meet me in Prague can you write me here/ I promise you very good time and best beer and vodkas and nice conversations.

Aug 20, 2008 15:17 | Veronika

I am soo sick of old guys who think money can buy everything …

Aug 22, 2008 10:02 | Marat

Helo Veonika, I am not old man. I just have good business in some europe country and I works hard very much. I am very strong. Many 18 year old girls in Russia have said me that I look very handsome and give them good time. I spend some moneys on girls. They lov it.
Are you young like 18 maybe. Maybe british.If you want to have a party time Veronike,

Aug 23, 2008 14:50 | Fernando

How idiot a man can be!

Nov 26, 2008 08:19 | Nick

Marat, go f*ck yourself, stop making us, Russians, look stupid.

Oct 19, 2010 21:22 | hani

hi,my name is Hani(male 45 years) , I’ll arrive to Prague next week and I want to make girlfrind in Czeck ,if you want we can enjoy together(hiking ,camping or just going for beer ..) and you’ll see that I love the life .
my email :haniebraheem@yahoo.com

Feb 05, 2011 21:26 | mark

am coming to prague from February 17 to Feb 24 and am looking for a girlfriend from prague.
Any help ?

Jun 11, 2011 13:01 | Danny

Hey, if you want a Czech girlifriend, then you better have a lot of money and charisma and tolerance. It helps if you are a white guy too. A lot of czech women like to get free drinks, free meals and free things in general. They will judge you on your material possession more than anything else. I know this and I have experienced it. Czech women are just selfish, racist and gold-digging whores. I tried for 3 years to find a proper Czech partner here and it is impossible, because I am not white and because I won’t let myself get conned by the gold-digging mentality. Of course, I have dated women and flirted with them, but that is while I tolerate their selfish, racist and pretentious attitude. Some women really act like whores and use me just for a one-night stand after I buy them drinks. I just can’t stand it anymore. It is so disappointing and frustrating.

May 06, 2012 09:55 | Marat

I am Marat. I post here in 2008 and i very happy that it still here. I come to Prague in 2008 and have good time. Meet many young girl that want to marry Marat. I say no.

I got many girlfriend in prague for 2 weeks. I am 49 years now. But the womans say I still handsome and good in the cot.I met girl in Ostrava and have great sex in her parent house for 3 nights. I still like her. IF you are here and you remember Marat, please write me darling.

I will be coming Prague again soon. If any girls want to have great time and great party with me, let me know. I always pays good

Veronika are you in Prague? I can say hello for coffee.

Dec 02, 2012 12:17 | Marin Varezic

I am a good looking 34 year old man coming to Prague for business from 8th to 17th of Jan 2013. Looking for a girl from Prague to have dinner with and see how it goes.

Feb 06, 2014 20:35 | Antonio

Hello I am a spanish Man WHO needs a woman .please I Want to meet a zcech girl 18 to 35 .I am a atractive guy …I will go to prague . Antonj122@gmail.com. I am good in sex….

Aug 19, 2016 12:30 | Barry

Forget Czech women. They are racist bitches, looking for cheap thrills and getting rich men who give them money for love. Nothing natural or genuine about Czech girls. You get anything positive from Czech women. I have found them to be rather selfish, racist and prejudiced. This is especially to non-white people. The Czech culture does not exist in the young generation, because these girls now are the generation that grew up after the revolution, so they are imitating the American or western ideals but at the same time their ideas of the world is quite closed. They have no sense of being open and dynamic with different cultures. Cultural diversity does not exist in this country. Czech women are racist, but they see it as very normal. Sorry to say, but they are fake and pretentious.

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