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getting on it!

Oct 08, 2008 10:14 | elliot

Hey im coming to Prague in December just wondering if the nitelife will be banging and will it be cold? its my 23rd birtday and need to know wot sort of clothes and shit to bring! is the yayo readily availible?

Oct 08, 2008 16:08 | Anita

Hi there! In December you can expect temperatures well below the zero and even snow. So take a sweater and winter/snb jacket, boots and hat if you don’t want get cold. I know last year it was 10 Celsius and no snow, but that was just an exception…

Oct 15, 2008 17:48 | shaun

if you really wanna have a good time go on the pub crawl. dont be a roudy brit and dont be prejudgemental.

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