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currency exchange

Jan 21, 2009 00:55 | Barbara

Is it better to exchange in the U.S. or in Prague – how much K should/can i bring into the country? I’ll be traveling in a few weeks.
Thank You!

Jan 26, 2009 15:38 | Marky

It is good to have your money changed in the place where you live, in peace, calmly choose the best place (of course changing money in a bank is not a good idea due to high charges) and come prepared. You can always withdraw money from a cash machine of your bank, or at least from the machine where is the type of you cart (Visa x Maestro) first listed, while at foreign country.

This doesn’t apply only to Prague – there is a lot of places with people who are eager to scam you at fees when you exchange money, so I am a fan of changing currencies at the city where I live normally and know where to go.

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