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Black in Prague

Jun 21, 2009 14:26 | Jackson


i will be soon be taking a vacation to prague. i am a black american and being in europe i cknow that racism exists in some places. will i be received well in prague? are there any places that i should shy away from?
Jul 09, 2009 16:58 | Erik

Don’t worry, the Czechs (especially in Prague!) are no xenofobes. Treat them with respect, and they treat you with respect. That’s how it works here. As long as you’re not a gypsy (talking about racism), there is no need to worry about it! The Czech really don’t care about anyones skin color, and especially not the younger generation! Enjoy your stay :D

Oct 04, 2013 01:01 | Black Guy

Well, maybe Czech are generally fiendly….but most Czech women are extremely racist bitches. In personal relationships, they always value white guys most….and darker guys as nothing.

Aug 19, 2016 12:39 | Barry

Forget Czech women. They are racist bitches, looking for cheap thrills and getting rich men who give them money for love. Nothing natural or genuine about Czech girls. You get anything positive from Czech women. I have found them to be rather selfish, racist and prejudiced. This is especially to non-white people. The Czech culture does not exist in the young generation, because these girls now are the generation that grew up after the revolution, so they are imitating the American or western ideals but at the same time their ideas of the world is quite closed. They have no sense of being open and dynamic with different cultures. Cultural diversity does not exist in this country. Czech women are racist, but they see it as very normal. Sorry to say, but they are fake and pretentious.

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