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How difficult is it to pick up local women at the clubs?

Mar 27, 2010 18:16 | cartman

Planning a trip to Prague and am wondering if picking up on local women is ok, and if they are game to party and hit the hotel? Does nationality, or color make a difference?

Apr 11, 2015 12:11 | Sam

quite easy to pick up girls. If you are from UK or US and you have some money to spend, it should be easy

May 13, 2015 09:41 | Scott

Do not use Expats.cz to find girls. Their dating site has gold diggers and pretentious women who are scammers. You find the same women using that site, just to find rich men for a free night out. I even noticed one girls there who was dating under two different names. Expats.cz is a scam for dating and they deliberately use a bunch of women to advertise on their site just to keep their dating section alive. Probably paid off. They are scammers and the women there are not for real. They have boyfriends and are just looking for a free ride with some rich expat guy.

Jun 08, 2015 13:55 | Barry

Finding girls in clubs is probably better than some of the expat dating sites out there. In Prague, a lot of the local women here are gold diggers on dating sites. And another thing to be careful with is the ‘speed dating’ agencies here. You should watch out for these. Here is a an agency called ‘Find Lamour’ and it is owned by a thief called Katarina Nemcova. She charges high fees for her speed dating and even steals money from people… basically she reserves you a spot. So you then arrive but it is full. So you try to come back next week, but full up again… and meanwhile she has taken your money for it. Avoid this scam.

Aug 30, 2015 23:20 | Alistair

Yeah, well I met this woman Katarina and she was trying to get me into her speed dating night. Seemed nice at first, but then kept asking me for money to book a seat for her event. I said NO, and she was rude and made comments about my looks. Not a nice woman after all. Her speed dating seems like a scam.

Nov 24, 2015 01:32 | SeeSharp

What are the best areas and bars/lounges to pick up women in their late twenties and thirties?


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