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Czech women....Why are they so difficult..?

Jun 11, 2011 12:32 | Danny

What is it about Czech women? I simply don’t understand the mentality with them. I have dated and met a few women in my evenings out in Prague. But most of the Czech women I meet are just cold and anti-social. They just disappoint me and I just meet Czech women who are selfish, racist and gold-digging bitches. I know it sounds rude, but there is no other way for me to describe it. Are all Czech women like this? They are just so materialistic, with their own selfish agenda, just looking for a better life for themselves as they ruin the lives of foreign men over here. The colour of your skin makes such a big difference to a Czech woman. The darker you are then the harder it is to find love here. This is because Czech women are naturally very racist and they make very unfair assumptions about coloured men. For example, it is considered to be absolutely disgusting in the Czech society for a white woman to be seen with a non-white man…..and especially if there is a baby born with mixed colour (from white woman and black or asian man). Those children are considered to be bastards of society by Czechs. That is the Czech mentality. I tried for 3 years to find a proper Czech partner here and it is impossible, because I am not white and because I won’t let myself get conned by the gold-digging mentality. Of course, I have dated women and flirted with them, but that is while I tolerate their selfish, racist and pretentious attitude. Some women really act like whores and use me just for a one-night stand after I buy them drinks. I just can’t stand it anymore. It is so disappointing and frustrating. I earn good money. I have a flat and business. But Czech woman are always showing me how selfish, racist and gold-digging bitches they are. Czech women are obviously spoilt for choice in Prague. They see so many foreign guys with money and they immediately just target the white guys first. And even a lot of white guys can be ripped off by Czech women. I have a white friend who was just used for his money. And he was never really accepted by the parents of the Czech so-called ‘girlfriend’, because of the cultural differences and because of the silly assumptions that were made. For colored guys, it is almost impossible or it is very difficult. Czechs are very conservative about their roots and race and colour. They can’t mix with non-white society. They are too scared to do this. I once dated a woman who was scared to walk with me and hold my hand in the streets (like couples should). She was worried about what other people would think because I am ‘not’ white. She told me that. I am a professional man looking for a caring, sensitive and affectionate woman who understands commitment and respect for her man. I just need a woman who is open-minded, intelligent, smart and just plain nice and normal. So far, the Czech women in Prague always prove to be selfish, racist and gold-diggers, just too cold and brutally deceptive. I have good money and assets, but I am interested in the person and not material possessions. Czech women always disappoint me so far and they only take and never give back. I am a loving and sensitive guy with all the great things in life – a top university education, excellent career, flat in Prague.

Oct 08, 2011 22:12 | Lucie

Hey! There are many bitches in Czech as they are in any other countries also! I guess you weren’t lucky at all. You shouldn’t give it up and try to search for the nice one :) Because there are many of us who are really great! Wish you good luck ;-)

May 06, 2012 09:45 | Vinny

Danny man, stop being so negative. It usually turns into a self fulfilling prophecy. I am an african american from New York. I gave been visiting the Czech Republic for a few months now on the weekends. I have never had a problem getting with Czech women. If anything, they seem to love black guys.

Yes, there might be a certain taboo in society about being seen with colored men. But who really gives a damn. I am too busy having fun.Don’t worry about what anyone thinks. Treat the women they way they ask to be treated. If they come across as sluts, then treat em as such. Use em for a one night stand and then drop em. And talk to as many of em as you can. Once you get through enough of the slutty types you will start finding the quality ones.

There are women of all types in CZ. You just gotta know where to look. Stop hanging out at the usual tourist spots and venture further out. And like I said, be social. Talk to as many women as you can. Use your assets to your advantage. And most importantly stay relaxed and have fun.

May 06, 2012 09:47 | Vinny

Lucie, after reading your post, I have to say you are really nice. Let’s mate.

May 07, 2012 13:27 | Danny

Hey Lucie, come and meet me. After reading your post, I feel that at last someone can understand the nature of a lot of Czech women in Prague…..that theyu can be horrible and cold bitches to foriegn coloured guys..!!

I really do hate to be nregative about the Czech bitches here ihn Prague. But, I hate it when they do not admit their coldness, suspicion and prejudices against coloured foreign men. It;s so pathetic whren they claim to be ‘perfect’ – well maybe beuatiful looks but cold bitches inside their personality.

I get more success with the Russian women in Prague. Also, I recently met a Czech girl from Plzen (NOT prague), and we nhad a great time in my flat…..sex, sex, sex…!!! But Prague Czech girls are 95% racist bitches.

So, if you are Czech, not a racist bitch and you want great loving, the please get in touch with me. I’m looking for a nice woman.

E-mail me at dannycz@hotmail.co.uk

Jan 10, 2013 20:56 | Titus
I have no sympathy for sex driven animals.
Feb 25, 2013 16:45 | janex

oh danny….the same guy wanted by czech police for sexual harasment and stalking aparently….no wonder he can not score
why most of the indian men are so creepy?

Jul 11, 2013 06:07 | Zuzana

What’s wrong with you man? How you want to get respect from the women if you don’t respect them. I am sorry to say but you deserve it. I think you have the problem everywhere not only in Czech because of no respect. I guess your country of origin is somewhere in India or Pacistan…
Ps. The color does not matter but the attitude does!

Jul 26, 2013 10:47 | gosh

czech women are only out for them selves. They come to uk wreck marriages.
Wil do anything with anyone.They love brutality. They are thick as to short planks. Will be nice to your face sleep with your husband behind your back. The only czech woman i had the unfortunate of kmowing proved this. Czech men must be crap in bed thats why the bitches go else where. So my point is yes they are bitches

Aug 02, 2013 17:15 | James

Czech women are easy too. The guy writing this opening post is probably a bit emotionally disturbed. Rather sad. Well, I’ve have good times with some Czech women and also some bad times.

I’d say that the better Czech women are not from Prague but from other places in the country. I like women from Brno. They seem nicer. A lot of Prague girls are quite spoiled, selfish and quite demanding. I would say that some Prague girls are quite racist and prejudiced, but that is because their parents influenced them with closed minds from communism.

Moravian women are great. They are much better than Prague women. i am in a relationship with a woman from Brno and we have real love together. A lot of Prague women I saw were behaving like prostitutes, sleeping around with different men, expecting far too much, and they think so highly of themselves.

Well, a rich man is always popular with a Prague woman. Get your wallet out and you can have anything you want.

Feb 06, 2014 16:46 | Antonio

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Feb 06, 2014 16:59 | Antonio

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Jul 08, 2014 09:11 | Radomíra

Myslím si že co se tu píše o českých ženách je pravda jen z části . Mnoho z nich je zlatokopek a sexuchtivých náruživek . Na druhou stranu je tu mnoho tmavých mužů kteří si chtějí jen užít naslibují lásku dosáhnou svého a zmizí . Zkuste mít vztah bez sexu a bez očekávání toho že vás ten druhý na něco pozve . Jděte se projít a hodně mluvte . Začněte se poznávat mimo bary a diskotéky a začne se projevovat pravý charakter na obou stranách . Několikrát jsem se sešla s černým mužem protože se mi prostě více líbí . Vždy ale chtěli jen sex a pozvat na něco . kdykoliv se objevili sexuální projevy na první schůzce více jsem se vidět s takovým mužem nechtěla . Znám spoustu bílých žen kterým se líbí černí muži a chtějí zakládat rodiny a žít dobrý život ., ale cítí ze strany mužů stejné zneužívání jako oni cítí od nich . Běžte změňte myšlení na obou stranách a možná najdete pravou lásku

Jul 16, 2014 15:25 | Anette

come on boy, maybe you are just ugly and stupid so all the pretty girl got to refuse you – :)

Jul 26, 2014 10:06 | Gumby

I met and dated two Czech girls in a month. They were stylish, funny and sex experts as expected. They preferred not talking English. But then I realised they where addicted to Crystal Meth. Also I have kapavka (Gonorrhea) now, like many here doctors say. Been there, done that…

Sep 03, 2014 16:01 | Mgd

I adhere to the same thing I say every time i see a post like this:

1) if you’re in Prague = capital – all capitals are overwhelmed with money seekers than anything else (men and women) – they are the places of most financial gain/benefit/cost in any country – outside emirates :)

2) culture plays a massive part – realize that even though the region has a deep rich history, the current Czechs don’t! (Something they will really disagree with you on – but the last 100 yrs ruined the identity of the people) – in turn this has a massive impact on social actions – there’s no set prerogative that has been followed of centuries (which is usually the case in most countries)

3) it depends which region you’re in (any country) – my opinion is that the more ‘country girl’ you get, the more friendlier, relaxed and loyal/loving they are (although women are women anywhere in the world – something I also adhere to)

4) following from last part of 3 – women are women. Culture/religion/etiquette may differ, country to country, but the truth is that the mindset of women (and men) is that of the times – the world is governed by economics, so in turn most people are looking not only for love/companionship but with added stability. So it goes – two identical men that a woman is in ‘love’ with – one is a billionaire, one has no money, logically the woman will (or should) choose the money – her needs/children/etc will be better provided for by (btw the same applies to a guy here also – keeping the peace)

5) after all the above bullshit – eastern (they say they’re Central Europe – but the mind is eastern!) European women are in general more tough/abrupt in nature (this can only be via culture/language nature – east eu languages can sound a bit harsh, if you get me) – once you break through the proverbial ‘shield’ then you’ll find the true woman within, and this is also in every country = 3 types:

A)money grabbers
B)cock grabbers
C)love grabbers (or the one you ideally want with a bit of B :) )

Nov 22, 2014 22:08 | Gary

Lol, such a ridiculous post , I have had the most amazing time in Prague, the woman are beautiful and very friendly, I think you need to look at yourself and stop blaming czech women for your short comings , Im from the UK and I found it alot easier to meet women in Prague than the UK , they are also more passionate, more intelligent, more honest and definitely more beautiful, I cannot wait to come back , it is heaven!

Dec 16, 2014 22:08 | Aussie CZ Chick

It’s a simple case of meeting the wrong women. Czech women are smart and cultured. You can’t dump a perspective on all Czech women from meeting a select few who are after the same thing, in this case money from a forigner. Yes that is what Czech women usually do see though as it’s a warpped perception and I’m sure they will soon get over it if they aren’t open minded and truly want to find love. You just gotta keep looking and good luck. The thing is you may have the perception that being with a Czech women is exotic,, well let me tell you, the Czechs in general are still coming to terms with the Western mentality and all things Western, a lot of younger Czechs do travel but for the one’s that don’t all they see is cash, bling and really have no idea about the realitues of Western society. My point is you gotta be lucky and find a Czech women that has travelled to a Western country and other countries for you both to have an understanding on life and values. Good luck.

Apr 02, 2015 20:08 | Marie

This post Denny is so unfair. I lived with Indian guy for a few years. I really loved him and my whole family liked him very much. He was loved and accepted and then he left me for his career. He broke my heart at the age when woman like me would like to settle down. He never asked me again about my parents how they are and so on after he left, even he kept in touch. And that maybe hurt me the most, that he never cared about me enough and neither about my parents. So what you say is very untrue. the post is old but really made me furious as not only Czech or white people can hurt and use dark or Indian people. Its the other way round too.

Apr 26, 2015 09:16 | Darnnel

Aloha Marie, how are you, my name is Darnnel, l live in Honolulu, Hawaii, and I’m Black American with a rich caramel complexion. I’ve been thinking about coming to the Czech Republic this summer. Can you please tell me about the wonders of your country? I would really appreciate it. Take care, Marie, and I look forward to hearing from you soon, Darnnel, Aloha…

Apr 26, 2015 09:17 | Darnnel

Email: captain12blackbeard@gmail.com

Jan 04, 2016 09:35 | Frank

Hello Marie,

please get in touch with me ASAP.


Jan 25, 2016 16:15 | christinaqueen

Hi friend✌ im from cz,and idk but so many Czech girls wanna black man. I read lots od Czechs forum and i think u have Věry good chance here!! I thing our mans are jealous

Feb 03, 2016 18:42 | Mack

Yes, Czech girls might like Black men, but why? Most black men in Prague are criminal and they do not live legally. They buy and sell drugs on the streets. They have money from stealing and the Czech women don’t care… cos they get their money.

Czech girls are dirty rude little things. They are not good women so they go to dirty black men who live on dirty money.

Feb 09, 2016 21:56 | David

I live in germany and i’m black. I am coming to prague this weekend for a brief vacation, hope to have fun and meet a beautiful lady

Mar 18, 2016 07:07 | Ryan

You gotta change the location of where you meet these women man. You are going to the wrong places. Surely, there will be women after money, and they are all over the world.

Ask yourself what you are showing to attract them? Read them better. Label them in your head “gold digger”, “decent”, “good woman”, “misleading” and then only communicate with the good ones. Let me tell you if a girl comes up to you and strikes up a conversation and it’s all too easy… well she is not after your heart…. my friend.

You have learn that you have met a certain sub set of women and Czech women are not like this.

I am Slavic ok,..... but i’ve live in Canada for 20 years….. you want bad women… you come here sir. Cold, disrespectful, sexist, rude… on and on.

Slavic women know what it is to respect a man. They know what dignity is. They are also open sexually, which doesn’t make them sluts. I think your mentality doesn’t click with the Czech mentality or the country just isn’t for you. You gotta move on.

Also, they are not racist. They are attracted to their own gene pool. There is nothing racist about it. Asian girls, Indian girls, Philipinne girls, African girls, are all not attracted to me. But the European, Spanish, Iraqi and Canadian ones are…. Is that racism? I don’t think so.

It sounds like you need to expand your way of thinking by a large margin.

Mar 20, 2016 17:23 | Marie

Oh Ryan, what an excellent answer. Really great to see some wise man in this discussion. Me, being Czech woman who actually likes dark man really appreciate what you said. I had Indian boyfriend who i didn’t want at the beginning, yes cause he was dark and not as i was racist but it was too different to me, then i felt in love deeply and got used to the colour so then when we left me to pursue his career and left me heart broken {actually now i feel he open my life to other great experiences and know he regrets that} but since that time i just find dark men attractive and white men not, but who knows maybe i will meet a white man at some point who will open my heart to him no matter of his colour, that is what happened to me with the dark boyfriend. it is not about the colour and as there can be women in here who are not nice, there is so many lovely ladies who have beautiful heart, when i consider british women, czech women are not only lovely in heart, they are capable to look after the house and also they are not so self obsessed with their appearance like some of the other women like in the UK. anyway everywhere you can find nice people and not nice people and that is about it :-) wish you well to Canada

Apr 30, 2016 14:54 | Don't waste your time on whores

Czech women are probably the dirtiest whores in Europe. Let the black men have these whores.

Jun 24, 2016 09:27 | Mohit

I never got any problem in Prague, After reading all your discussion I felt so guilty about everyone. But yes I never met any woman yet as I am too busy with my work..lol

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