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Subway fine

May 18, 2013 21:47 | Robert Lawless

I, my wife, and 4 friends recently visited Prague, from the United States, for 4 nights. We bought 90 minute tickets for use on the subway. We were aware of the 90 minute time restriction, but thought if we got on within the 90 minutes, it would be OK. When we got off at our stop, we were met at the top of the stairs by 3 agents who demanded to see our tickets. I might add that they were quite unfriendly from the start. We found out, at this time, that we had exceeded our time by 8 minutes and that we would be fined 800 CZK ($40 USD) per person. Never was it mentioned that the fine would be 400 CZK ($20 USD) if we paid on the spot. We all did pay right then and there. It is my firm belief that the fine was not reduced because they knew we weren’t aware of all the laws. I also firmly believe that the fine was not reduced then because these agents work on “commission”. While I must say that most of our time spent in Prague was very enjoyable, the thought of having to pay a total of $80 in fines left an extremely bad taste in my mouth. In conclusion, it’s not just the pickpockets that you need to watch out for in Prague!

Aug 22, 2013 11:57 | Dee

You should know the laws yourself. Czechs are corrupt at taking fines. Why do you think that Prague is a wealthy city? It is becauise iof the fines that are made with tourists. You don’t know the Czech laws, so the fines are created for you.

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