How to use the web site

Table of contents

  1. How to search for accommodation
    1. Accomodation search
    2. Sorting the lists of accommodations
    3. Fulltext search
  2. Accommodation settings bar
  3. How to book a hotel, hostel or pension
    1. Multiple reservations
  4. Your Wish List and how to use it
    1. What is your Wish List?
    2. Using your Wish List to compare accommodations
    3. E-mailing your Wish List to others
  5. How we calculate prices for rooms
    1. Unavailable prices

How to search for accommodation

To find accommodation in Prague you can simply browse through Prague Spot's accommodation section and make your choice from our lists of hotels, hostels, or pensions in their entirety. However you may find it more efficient to narrow your selection using the accommodation search application first, or look for special features via a fulltext search.

Accommodation search

Accommodation search form with Advanced options checked

To search for the lodgings that best suit your needs, you can use the search form that is on both the main page and the accommodation page. When filling in the form, you can specify your arrival date, the number of nights you want to stay in Prague, room capacity (single room, double room, etc.), and maximum price per room and night.

Checking the Advanced options box will enable you to select the type (hotel, hostel, or pension) and class (one to five stars) of accommodation you would like. You can also indicate whether you require a private bathroom in your room. These criteria apply only when the Advanced options box is checked.

Please note that search criteria affect not only the resulting set of accommodations found, but also the prices displayed in the search results, accommodation details and booking forms. Prices differ according to type of room and season (as indicated by your arrival date and the number of nights of your stay). Learn more about how prices are calculated.

Sorting the lists of accommodations

Sorting arrows

You can sort both the accommodation search results and the full lists of hotels, hostels, or pensions by name, location (district of Prague), class (number of stars) and price.

To sort a column, click on one of the two green arrows under the column's title. You can sort in both directions (ascending and descending). Sorting by multiple criteria is possible by clicking on the arrows according to your preferences. The red arrow indicates the current sort order.

Fulltext search

Fulltext search box

When looking for a special feature you may find a fulltext search useful. The search box is located in the top right corner of every page and works like most other fulltext search engines (e.g. Google). Queries with more than one word return pages containing all the words in the query. Search results are presented in order of relevance.

The fulltext search is not restricted to accommodation. All of Prague Spot's pages are indexed and you can use fulltext to search for informational articles as well as discussion forum posts.

Accommodation settings bar

Accommodation settings bar

The bar directly under the top banner affects what you see in Prague Spot's lists of hotels, hostels and pensions, as well as the accommodation search results and detail pages. This is helpful because prices are dependent on room capacity and season, which is determined by your arrival date and the number of nights you will stay in Prague.

In addition to this, you can set the currency in which prices are calculated. We update exchange rates on a daily basis in accordance with those stated by the Czech National Bank.

To use the accommodation settings bar, simply enter you preferences and click on the Set button.

How to book a hotel, hostel or pension

Booking form

To book the accommodation of your choice, first browse through the search results or the full lists of hotels, hostels, and/or pensions and read through the detail pages (e.g. Hotel Waldstein) of lodgings that interest you. Then use the booking form located just below the description.

Before making a reservation, please make sure the information in the top part of the form (arrival date, number of nights and currency) is correct. If it is not, make any necessary changes and click Update. Then select the number and type of room(s) you wish to book and click on Book room(s).

On the next page enter your name and e-mail. You also have the option of entering your telephone number, country, and the number of persons for whom you are making the reservation. You can even specify any special requirements you may have or ask questions in the text box at the bottom of the form. To complete your order, click on the Make reservation button.

Immediately after this, you will receive an automated confirmation by e-mail that we have received your order. If you don't receive this confirmation, please contact us. Within the next 8 business hours, we will send you a second e-mail to negotiate further details of your stay in Prague (please note that since we are located in Prague our time zone may differ from yours).

Multiple reservations

If more than one hotel, hostel and/or pension appeals to you and you can't decide which one to choose, enter all of your choices into your Wish List (learn how to use the Wish List) and place a multiple order. In this case we shall consider each hotel, hostel and/or pension as separate alternatives and we will help you select the one that best suits your needs.

Please note that it is not possible to book rooms in more than one hotel, hostel, and/or pension through one order.

Your Wish List and how to use it

What is your Wish List?

Your Wish List is similar to an online shopping cart for accommodation in Prague, with a couple of additional benefits:

  1. You can bookmark the hotels, hostels and/or pensions that interest you while browsing Prague Spot. When you have made your decision, you can select one of them and send it to us to make a reservation through the booking form.
  2. You can create a list of hotels, hostels and/or pensions and send requests for reservations in each of them using the booking form. We then receive these requests as separate alternatives and we will choose the accommodations that best suit your needs. This feature is especially useful during busy seasons, when many hotels, hostels and pensions are fully booked.
  3. You can e-mail a list of preferred hotels to someone else (e.g. to the friends, family members, or colleagues you will be travelling with) as a link. Then everyone in your group can participate in the selection of your accommodation in Prague.

Using your Wish List to compare accommodations

To compare accommodations, simply add the hotels, hostels and/or pensions you like to your Wish List while you are browsing the web site. Then open your Wish List, review the accommodations in it, and, after making your decision, place your order.

E-mailing your Wish List to others

If you plan on coming to Prague with a group, you can pre-select several different hotels, hostels, and/or pensions and discuss the final selection with your co-travellers before placing your group's order. To do so, add all the accommodations that you are considering to your Wish List. Then send your Wish List's URL (a link to its address) to up to five e-mail addresses.

How we calculate prices for rooms

Room prices vary widely according to room type and time of the year. That is why the prices you see in the accommodation search results and the complete lists of hotels, hostels, and pensions depend on your search criteria or the parameters set in the accommodation settings bar.

  • All prices in the lists are per night and per room. The only exceptions are dormitories in a few hostels, which are priced per bed instead of per room.
  • The price at every hotel, hostel or pension is always the lowest one for the selected room type. For instance, if you are searching for a double room and a particular hotel offers two different types of double room, the price of the cheaper one is listed.
  • The price per night is valid for the entire period you specify by entering your arrival date and the number of nights of your stay. If a particular hotel's prices change during this period, the average price per night is calculated and displayed.
  • If the price for the room of your choice and the period of your stay is unknown at the time, N/A (i.e. not available) is displayed instead of a price. Learn more about Unavailable prices below.

Unavailable prices

When you see N/A in the price column, it means the hotel, hostel, or pension has yet to set their prices for the given period. There is a higher probability of this occurring at the end of the year, or when you set your arrival date well into the future.

If you are not comfortable with booking a room for an unknown price, you can:

  • Check out the price for the same accommodations on exactly the same date one year prior to your desired arrival date. It is quite likely that the price will not be more than 10-15% higher when you come to Prague.
  • Contact us and we will do our best to help you.

In any case, it is possible to book rooms even if their prices are not yet known.

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