Public transportation in Prague


Prague’s metro system consists of 3 lines, designated by letters and colours:

A (Green)Skalka - Dejvicka
B (Yellow)Cerny Most - Zlicin
C (Red)Ladvi - Haje

There are interchange stations at Muzeum (AxC), Můstek (AxB) and Florenc (BxC). The metro operates daily between 05:00 and 00:00. Trains leave stations every 2 – 4 minutes during peak hours on working days and every 4 – 10 minutes during off-peak periods and on weekends and holidays.


Trams operate from 04:30 to 00:15 during the day. The average interval of most trams is 8 minutes during morning and afternoon peak periods on working days; they run every 10 minutes during off-peak hours and every 7.5 or 15 minutes on Saturdays and Sundays. A uniform interval of 30 minutes applies to night service (from 00:15 a.m. to 04:30 a.m.). The Lazarska tram stop is the central interchange point of all night trams (marked by numbers 51-58).


Day and night bus service is very similar to that of trams. The interval between most buses is 5 – 15 minutes during morning and afternoon peak hours on working days; buses run every 10 – 20 minutes in morning off-peak periods, every 15 – 30 minutes in the evening and every 10 – 30 minutes on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Buses 501 – 513 provide night service. Buses 501, 502, 504, 505, 508 and 511 run every 30 minutes and buses 503, 506, 509, 510, 512 and 513 run every 60 minutes. Bus 507 runs every 90 minutes.

For transfers to the airport you can use bus 100 from the Zlicin metro station (on the yellow or B-line), buses 179 and 225 from the Nove Butovice metro station (on the yellow or B-line) and buses 119 and 254 from Dejvicka metro station (on the green or A-line). Night service from the airport is provided by bus 510, including, if need be, the possibility of transferring to night tram 51.

Funicular railway

The funicular railway to Petrin Hill is linked to tram transport at the Ujezd tram stop and runs along the UJEZD – Nebozizek – PETRIN route. It operates daily from 09:00 to 23:30 (October – March from 09:00 to 11:20). It runs every 10 minutes in the summer season (April - September) and every 15 minutes in the winter season (October - April).

Fares and tickets

Note: please take the time to read the following if you don’t know anything about Prague’s transportation fare and ticket policies. The glory days of “riding black” are over, and ticket inspectors seem to have a special kind of radar that can pick out ignorant tourists. They’ve heard all the excuses before, so be sure not only to buy your ticket but to stamp it as well – you’ll save yourself a lot of time, money and embarrassment, plus you’ll have the right to ask the inspectors for ID!

If you get caught, then don’t make a fuss, just pay the fine – ticket inspectors have been known to get rough with people who refuse to pay, and they’ve got the law on their side. Just be sure you know how much you’re obliged to pay as some inspectors will try and pull a fast one and charge unsuspecting foreigners more than the legal amount.

Fares valid within the Capital City of Prague are part of Prague’s Integrated Transport Tariff. The tariff applies to all metro, tram and bus lines, as well as the funicular railway to Petrin.

Means of public transport can be used with a valid ticket only. Passengers have to purchase the ticket prior to getting on any surface public transport vehicle or entering any compulsory ticket area of the metro or the funicular railway to Petrin.

Tickets are available at selected metro stations, newsagents, Information Centres of the Prague Public Transit Co. Inc., hotels, travel agencies, department stores, etc. Tickets are also available from ticket vending machines located next to, or in the vicinity of, surface transport stops and at metro stations.

Single ticket prices are as follows:

Adults over 15 yearsCZK 26,-CZK 18,-
Children from 6 – 15 years, inclusiveCZK 13,-CZK 9,-

When bought from bus or tram drivers, these prices are:

Adults over 15 yearsCZK 30,-
Children from 6 – 15 years, inclusiveCZK 17,-

Transfer tickets

Tickets for three fare zones can be used up to 75 minutes from validation. On working days from 08.00 PM to 05.00 AM and on Saturdays and Sundays round the clock such tickets can be used 90 minutes from validation.

Non-transfer tickets

Apply to trams and buses for 20 minute journeys with no transfer. On the metro, these tickets are valid for 5 stations from (but not including) the station of validation, allowing for the transfer between lines, but for journeys of no more than 30 minutes. These tickets are not valid on night routes and the funicular railway.

When applicable, visitors to the city are advised to use tickets valid for 24 hours or for three, seven or fifteen days.

Type of ticketPrice
24-hour ticketCZK 100,-
3-day ticket (72 hours)CZK 330,-
5-day ticket (120 hours)CZK 500,-

Ticket vending machines

Ticket vending machines only issue single tickets that are valid for up to 24 hours.

When buying a ticket from a ticket vending machine, the following procedure has to be followed:

  1. Choose the type of ticket (in case of wrong choice press the STORNO / CANCEL button)
  2. Press the VYDEJ / ISSUE button
  3. Pay the required amount (the machine returns coins)
  4. Collect the ticket and returned coins

Ticket machine failures can be reported free of charge by calling 800 188 100.

Ticket validation

Tickets are to be inserted in the validating machine in the direction of the printed arrow, face (arrow) upwards. On trams and buses, validating machines are installed on the support bars next to the door; on the metro and funicular railway, validating machines are located at the entrance to the compulsory ticket area.

The ticket is valid only if validated in the validating machine or accompanied by the relevant transport operator coupon and with all required and permanently legible data completed. The validity period of any single ticket or short-term season ticket commences at the moment of validation and terminates after the relevant period. Time spent waiting while changing lines or routes is also included in the validity period.

Should the validity period expire during the journey, a new ticket must be validated. Tickets are validated in validating machines immediately upon boarding the vehicle and/or entering the area of the metro/funicular railway station for the first time (tickets are not validated again when changing). The validity period of other season tickets is specified on the coupon (ticket).

Ticket inspection

Ticket validity can be inspected by ticket inspectors of Prague Public Transit Co. Inc at any time during the journey or period spent within the compulsory ticket area.. Ticket inspectors on PIT (Prague Integrated Transport) vehicles and within the compulsory ticket area are entitled to give instructions to passengers for the sake of safety and smooth flow of traffic, ask passengers to produce valid tickets, and take away invalid tickets.

When they catch a passenger travelling without a valid ticket, they will impose a fine of CZK 800,-. This is reduced to CZK 400,- in the case of on-the-spot payment or payment at the cash office of the Prague Public Transit Co. Inc. Failure to pay the luggage transportation fare (a CZK 13,- transfer ticket) results in a penalty of CZK 200,-.

In case of failure to pay the imposed penalty on the spot, the passenger is obliged, under the Law No. 111/1994 Coll. and No. 266/1994 Coll., as amended, to produce their personal data to the ticket inspector, this data being name, surname, birth certificate number or date of birth, and the permanent address stated in an ID card that has been issued to them by an official administrative body. If the passenger is unable to prove their identity, they are obliged to stay at a specified place until the police arrive at the scene, or to be taken by the inspector to a public administration office to confirm their identity as requested by the ticket inspector. The relevant ticket inspector issues a receipt or an acknowledgement confirming the withdrawal of a season ticket. Ticket inspectors identify themselves by an inspection badge labeled “Dopravní podnik hl.m. Prahy, akciová společnost – přepravní kontrola” and a four-digit identification number. Upon a passenger’s request, all ticket inspectors are obliged to produce their service card, which has their photograph and a number identical to that on the badge.

(Courtesy of the Prague Public Transit Co.)

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